Welcome to CanAm 2015!

The 2015 Canadian Amateur Rackets Championships are underway!

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Schedule of Play

Singles draw

Doubles draw

A few notes about play:

Matches in all rounds prior to the Quarter-Finals are best of 3 games; 3rd game begins at score of 7-7 (change from first to 5 points)

Quarter-Final matches are best of 3 games.

Semi-Finals and Finals matches are best of 5 games.

Match times have been scheduled for 40 minutes (change from last year’s 30 minutes to accomodate new early round guidelines). We hope most early round matches will be finished early.

Please be ready to play 45 minutes before your match time in case your match can begin ahead of schedule (eg. in case of a default in an earlier match, quick matches, etc.,)

Players may knock-up for 3 minutes. A player stepping on court 5 minutes past the scheduled match time forfeits the warm-up.

A player stepping on court 10 minutes past the scheduled match time will forfeit the first game.

If a player is 15 minutes late his opponent will be granted a walk over.
[This may seem draconian, but 15 minutes late on the court is actually an hour late at the club. Our schedule has no leeway to rearrange matches.]

 Good luck in the tournament, and PLAY!