This season’s Canadian Amateur Rackets Championships will be held January 25-29, 2023

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Schedule of Play

Singles draw

Doubles draw

Rolland Cup

Tournament videos

Important notes about play:

Matches in all rounds prior to the Quarter-Finals consist of one game to 30 points.  A time limit of 25 minutes applies to matches prior to the Round of 16.  If time runs out the player/team with the higher score at that moment wins.

All Round of 16 matches are one game to 30 points, with no time limit.

Quarter-Final matches are best of 3 games (15 points).

Semi-Final and Final matches are best of 5 games.

Early round match times have a tight scheduled. It is essential we stick to this and therefore…

Players must be at the club at least 1 hour before your match time, in case your match can begin ahead of schedule.

Knock ups must start immediately at the scheduled start time. Any player or team arriving after their opponent had knocked will forfeit 5 points for every 5 minutes they are late, at 15 minutes past the start time they shall forfeit the match. [We have no leeway to rearrange matches].

Knock ups 

Singles – 

All matches before the quarter finals, players will be allowed to knock up for 3 minutes ONLY.

Quarter Finals onwards – Players will be allowed a 5 minute knock up.

Doubles –

All matches before the quarter finals – each team will be allowed a 2 minute knock up ONLY.

Quarter Final onwards – Each Team will be allowed a 4 minute knock up.

Players are reminded of the potentially dangerous nature of the game of rackets. Any unsafe play is unacceptable and the referee has complete discretion to penalize as he sees fit.

Good luck and play well in the tournament!

Shawn Faguy                          Daniel Fisher
Tournament Director           Head Professional